Investiture held for new District Court Judge

MARQUETTE — An investiture was held for a Negaunee native who will serve as a judge of the 96th Judicial District Court in Marquette earlier today.

The ceremony was held for Honorable Karl A. Weber, who is following the footsteps of his father who formerly served as the Circuit Court Judge in Marquette. Weber is excited and well–prepared to get to work with the new position.

“I’ve had the luxury and I should say opportunity to practice in this court and in the district court’s for the last 20 years,” said 96th Judicial District Court Judge Honorable Karl A. Weber, “so I’m not coming into this blind. I know all of the judges: Judge Mazzuchi, Judge Kangas, Judge Solka, and Judge Hill. I’ve been before them, I know them well. They’re wonderful people and I’m so honored to be able to work with all of them.”

Weber would likely have had opportunities for similar positions in larger cities, but said he preferred to stay here to serve the people of Marquette County.

“Just like any other county in the state and in the United States, we have a drug problem. That’s one of the biggest challenges for the District Court so that will require a lot of care and attention.”

Every seat and standing position was filled for the investiture.

Honorable Karl A. Weber will begin his new position as a Judge of the 96th Judicial District Court on Monday.