Important regulations for holiday travelers

HOUGHTON — The busiest travel period of the year is upon us. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has some things to keep in mind if you’ll be heading to the airport.

Many people are heading to the airports this time of year with the promise that they will be home for Christmas. With the increased security at all airports, there are some important regulations to keep in mind as you pack. If you are planning to bring gifts with you, you have to leave them unwrapped.

Houghton County Memorial Airport Manager Dennis Hext said, “During the holidays, it’s a busy time of the season and if you have any packages that you’ve wrapped that you’re carrying along in your baggage and stuff, if they were wrapped, then TSA would actually have to open them up and go through them. So, what you want to make sure you do is—do not wrap your packages. Keep the wrapping paper in the bags so you can wrap it on the other end when you get to your destination.”

The regulation not only includes your carry–on bag, but your luggage as well. Also, be aware that you cannot bring any items with more than 3.4 ounces of liquids.

These include things like perfumes and snow globes that are common gifts. Certain food items like pies and cakes may get additional screening as well.

Heightened security means you have to arrive extra early for your flight, even if you are flying out of a smaller U.P. airport.

Hext said, “You should be here at least 90 minutes before departure because the flights will fill up here in the couple of weeks. We’ll have 50 in and 50 out and things get very busy so you don’t want to be here 30 minutes before departure, otherwise, you run the risk of not getting on the aircraft.”