University warns local businesses about advertising scam

HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech Athletics are warning people against a deceptive tactic targeting potential advertisers. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has the details.

Local businesses are being sought out to advertise in publications that promote Michigan Tech athletics outside the area. The problem is, these solicitors have nothing to do with Michigan Tech.

Michigan Tech’s Associate Athletic Director for External Relations Joel Isaacson said, “They’re selling program advertising space and we’re just concerned with them representing Michigan Tech Athletics and really, the premise for us is, we’re the individuals that will reach out on behalf of Michigan Tech Athletics and we don’t hire outside groups or organizations to do that.”

The university wants the public to know that they would never contact local businesses and ask them to advertise in other cities.

The money they generate locally goes toward their Athletic and Recreation Department, advertising dollars spent with an outside solicitor does not, and Michigan Tech wants that stopped.

Isaacson said, “We know that they’re reaching out to our advertisers. We know their location. We’ve had dealings with them in the past. We’ve asked the university attorney to reach out and ask them what their intentions are and make sure that we’re the ones that are working on behalf of Michigan Tech Athletics.”

Tech officials say if you receive a call from someone else claiming to be from the university, try to get their name and contact number and then report that information to the Athletics Department.