Local Star Wars fan to go all out for Friday premiere

MARQUETTE — Friday will be like a holiday for Star Wars fans.

After ten long years of waiting, the next installment of the series will be released and one local fan is gearing up. Brendon Ewers is a member of the 501st Legion. The Legion is a band of Star Wars fans who create screen-worthy props and costumes to be worn at events ranging from red carpet premieres to backyard barbecues.

“The interest kind of evolved across the nation and then it eventually encompassed a world wide involvement,” said Ewers, “They kind of want to know why do you like Star Wars, what’s your interest, what costume do you want to do? What sort of abilities, talents do you bring to the legion? Some people might be into robotics, some people might have electronic capabilities, some people might do professional painting or modeling or whatever the case is.”

Ewers first got involved when trying to recreate Han Solo’s holster. After that he created a Storm Trooper costume and a Darth Vader costume which took around four and a half years to create in total. But, he says the reactions are always worth it.

“It’s almost kind of funny. You go to an event, whether it be in a hospital or movie premiere and you see the little child who was not born in the 70’s and they’re like, ‘Oh that’s kind of cool.’ But then you see mom and dad and they’re about ready to lose their mind!” added Ewers, “But, the best ones are always going to be the ones with the little kids. They’re looking at you from a distance like, ‘is he really real?’…and with a fainting finger they come up and touch you like you’re going to evaporate into nothingness.”

If you’d like to see Ewers’ handiwork yourself, he’ll be at the premiere in Marquette dressed as a Storm Trooper greeting patrons.

"We spent the first three days trooping in costume as Clone Commander Deviss, Sandtroopers, Stormtroopers, Darth Vader,…

Posted by ABC10 & CW5 UP on Saturday, December 19, 2015