HOUGHTON — College students are feeling the stress of final exam week, but some much needed study relief comes for students in the Copper Country.

Students at Michigan Tech are feeling the pressure of exams, but these two puppies provide a much needed break from studying.

One-year-old Lulu and twelve-week-old Gordie visit the Outdoor Adventure Center at Tech to help students who are stressed with school or are missing their own pets.

Dog therapy has become very popular with Michigan Tech students; many are invited through friends on social media.

“I found out about the dogs here from my friend Beth, so I came,” said Environmental Engineering Student Owen Soulliere, “I’ve come before to dog days. It’s a great way to break up studying and dogs are awesome so it’s just a great way to relieve stress.”

Some students find dog days a great way to meet other students and talk about their studies, or distract from them. Michigan Tech Senior Abby Meisel has been bringing dogs to the Outdoor Adventure Center for 2 years. She calls herself the Michigan Tech Dog Lady.

“It accomplishes a lot actually for Tech students,” said Michigan Tech Dog Lady Abby Meisel, “we usually have about 50-100 students come each week. We’re very close to the library so they just walk over during studying and they can come relax, hang out with dogs. We have snacks. They can talk to more students and our staff is really welcoming.”

Meisel graduates this month, but she has high hopes for the program continuing with other students and their dogs.