GWINN — The season of jingle bells and carols are here and who better to remind us than local elementary school students?

“Merry Christmas from Gilbert Elementary!”

Gilbert Elementary School in Gwinn had it’s first Celebrating the Season concert since it’s reopening. Principal Amy Borash says that they kids have been busy at work preparing for the concert, but just in case a few of the little kids were still nervous, some fifth graders stepped in to offer some advice – you know, from experience.

“They’ve been so excited about practicing. I heard the rehearsals yesterday,” Borash added, “and they sounded fantastic. I’ve been hearing ‘Puh-Rum-Puh-Pum-Pum,’ over and over, it sounds wonderful.”

Fifth Grader Grace Anderson says, “Well they usually like shout and Mr. Hanmer always tells us instead of shouting we actually have to sing ’cause he says we have to hear each other, but we can’t – we’re not allowed to shout. We have to sing.”

Fifth Grader Lena Pleaugh says, “If you see your parents in the audience don’t stare and wave at them until the very end when you get to see them in the hallway, just kind of look at the clock and sing.”

The kids brought in a packed house, and if you didn’t get there early, it was standing room only.