Making sure holiday packages are delivered on time

MARQUETTE — As the holiday season grows closer, so does the abundance of packages being sent out to friends and family.

To make life easier for you and postal service workers; do not use newspaper as a way of wrapping fragile items. There are other ways to make the process smoother for everyone involved as well.

“When you first come in we’re going to ask for your telephone number,” said ‘UPS Store’ Store Manager/Notary Brenda Carlson, “that is how we pull up your information. We’re going to ask if you have anything liquid, fragile, perishable, potentially hazardous like lithium batteries or perfume, alcohol, guns, or ammunition. All those we are not allowed to send. Perfume we are not allowed to send, guns, ammunition, and alcohol.”

To make sure that your package is delivered by the time you would like it to be received, it is important to act quickly.

“Right now ground service is not a guaranteed service from December 11th to December 24th,” Carlson added, “if you’d like to get it there, there is three–day select, which is guaranteed to get there by the 23rd. 2nd day air is by the 21st, and next day air is by the 18th.”

We’ve got a link the U-P-S’s shipping schedule right here.