UPDATE: Missing disabled woman found alive and well

UPDATE — 4:28 p.m. December 11th, 2105 (EDT) Kimberly Beck has been located alive and well. According to the Florence County Sheriff’s Department, Kimberly had been using a basement type window and a crawl space under an addition of the home to conceal her location. Police emptied the crawl space upon their search of the home several days ago and she was not there.

She would use the crawl space to enter and leave the home when her family was gone. Since the initial search, she had stored food water and clothes in the crawl space. She concealed herself inside of “clutter” in the crawl space. Kimberly was found by Florence County Deputies tracing a wireless internet connection to a laptop she had with her.

“We appreciate all the efforts and prayers by all of you, you are great partners in keeping our community safe!”

FLORENCE, Wisc. — “The factors of the case at this point to do not lead us to believe that Kimberly is injured or is lost,” said the Sheriff’s Department in a Facebook post. “Kimberly is a life long resident of the area. The areas she is familiar with have already been searched.”

Kimberly has a valid drivers license, cell phone, job and bank accounts. While police say they can not give specific details of the case at this time, they extended appreciation to the public for citizens’ offers of assistance. “We rely on your continued respect and interest to assist us on a regular basis,” said police. “In this case, remaining alert for recent sightings of her, or providing us specific information of her current location is the most valuable thing you could do for us and the family.”

Kimberly Beck went missing on December 3rd in the early morning hours from her home in Aurora, WI. She left behind her car, purse, and cellphone.

If you have seen Kim or know where she might be, please call the Florence County Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-235-9897.

[Courtesy of the Florence County Sheriff’s Department]

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