Medical facility holds ceremony for lost loved ones

CRYSTAL FALLS — Christmas is a time for giving, but it is also a time for remembering.

A facility in Iron County held a ceremony to help with that remembrance.The Faculty at Iron County Medical facility play a important role in the lives of their residence, and Nurse Practitioner Jill Nocerini found the perfect way to honor those who have passed away.

Nocerini said, ” I felt we needed a way to honor the residence that we have lost in the past year. So we decided to place a dove on the tree as an ornament in memory of the resident.”

This year, the residence could even watch live stream footage of the ceremony from their rooms.

MDS Coordinator Deb Morrow said, “My favorite part over the years is how it has grown. We continue to do it every year because we see how important and how touching it is to the families.”

After the tree lighting ceremony was over everyone got to head back inside, listen to some Christmas music, and enjoy some cake and hot chocolate together. This is the seventh year the facility has hosted the ceremony and sixty–five doves made the tree this year. Each residents family received their own dove ornament to place on their tree in memory of their loved one.