ISHPEMING — Big changes are coming to the Ishpeming area, and that was the topic of discussion at tonight’s City Council meeting.

First on the agenda was an update on the upcoming roundabout project. With 2016 just weeks away, it’s almost time to start construction.

“Nothing really has changed, but people have been wondering what’s going on, when are things going to start to happen, and so we just thought this was a good time to get the word out, remind people it’s coming and tell them a little about what’s going to happen,” said City Manager Mark Slown.

Also up for discussion were some changes to the downtown development authority. The council had their final reading for proposed Ordinance 11-905, which would shrink the DDA’s boundaries.

“Hopefully it’s going to help bring the focus on the traditional historic downtown. A lot of the areas that were in the district that we’re removing are vacant land or residential areas that really don’t have the downtown interest. So, this focus change will hopefully help remind everybody what the DDA is all about, which is to revitalize the historic center of town,” Slown added.

The boundaries were previously changed to spur development in areas like Hematite Heights. Tax payers won’t see a difference and the DDA voted unanimously for the change.