Aspen Dental – a long awaited opening

MARQUETTE — Today was the long awaited opening of a dental care office – one that it’s county of residence may desperately need. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac has the story.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 75 out of 83 counties in Michigan are known as dental health professional shortage areas. Marquette is one of those counties – also known as a dental desert.

The new Aspen Dental office will help provide care to residents in the area.

Director of Operations for Aspen Dental in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan’s U.P. Ron Gornick says, “If you really look at where we focus, we focus on the under-served populations. You won’t find us in major metropolitan areas. We’re in a lot of areas like Marquette, Michigan, where we know there’s need and opportunity, and we’re up here not to judge our patients we’re here just to get them back to oral health.”

Aspen Dental was originally set to open last April, but had to push back the date until they found the right dentist for our cold weather market.

“It was pushed to find the right doctor for this location. I think that sometimes that’s a difficulty. You know, you can’t really open a practice without a dentist,” Gornick added, “and it’s not always easy to find someone that wants to live in Marquette, Michigan, and so we wanted to make sure we made the right decision with that. Dr. Lee is that person. He’s excited to be up here he wants to definitely be involved in the community and give back.”

Aspen Dental tries to make dental care available and affordable. For example, the dental center offers free new patient exams and X–Rays. Aspen Dental takes most forms of insurance and will even offer payment plans for those who are uninsured. The dental center even offers discounted rates from time to time.

The center’s resident dentist is excited to be in Marquette and is ready to serve the community.

Aspen Dental’s resident dentist Dr. Woojin Lee says, “There are a lot of dentists in major cities, overflowing actually, and there are places, cities, rural cities like this one that are under-served and that needs to be taken care of, and that’s the main reason I wanted to come to a city like this.”

The office has extended hours, including Saturdays to best serve the area, and make themselves available for walk–in dental emergencies.

For more information about Aspen Dental Marquette click here.