MARQUETTE — The owner of a relatively new business says that the perfect clients for her business are imperfect people.

Bird on a Perch in downtown Marquette has been open for about 18 months. The owner says that they welcome everyone, no matter the fitness level or lifestyle.

Owner Allison Cherrette says, “Anyone of any fitness level can do it. The equipment is all spring loaded, so that it can support you or resist you, depending on the exercise, and by foundation Bird on a Perch is for everyone. We call it “Pilates for real people.” Meaning it doesn’t matter what size you are, what you ate last night or what you’re lifestyle is, we welcome everyone here.”

When you walk into Bird on a Perch, the equipment may seem intimidating. But believe it or not, the equipment is there to help you.

“What the equipment does,” Cherrette added, “is helps bodies get into movements patterns that they can’t otherwise do on their own. So with the mat you really have to rely on your own strength and your own flexibility to go through things, but the springs can kind of help you find those movement patterns without straining your body or injuring yourself.”

Bird on a Perch offers group classes and private lessons. They also offer different types of classes like Jumpboard, prenatal and a class for beginners.

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