Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly hosts community Thanksgiving

HOUGHTON — Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be celebrated with friends and family. But what if you are alone? ABC 10 ‘s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen visited one organization that’s making sure that doesn’t happen to senior citizens.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly will once again be hosting Thanksgiving dinners for seniors who would otherwise be alone for the holiday.

The turkeys were all donated by individuals and businesses and then prepped at Michigan Tech before being delivered to each location

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Executive Director Cathy Aten said, “They’ve all been divided and sorted according to each site and how many people they have coming and they’ll be baked tomorrow morning. They’re baked fresh at the sites and all the trimmings for the meal are made by volunteers. So, it’s going to be a great event tomorrow. We’re really excited.”

Guests will be treated to a free dinner complete with all the trimmings, flowers and music. Dinners will be held at several sites including Houghton, Hancock and Marquette.

And if you can’t make it to one, a hot meal can be delivered to you by a volunteer who is willing to keep you company while you eat.

Because though we celebrate the holiday by eating the food, it’s who we spend the holiday with that makes it memorable. Aten said, “What is so great is our elderly friends and volunteers all come together to share the day and just make memories together. It’s just, nobody should be alone. So, I think it’ll be a memorable day with great food and great friendship.”

Dinner is served at 1pm.