Hundreds of Michigan children in need of adoption

HOUGHTON — Hundreds of children in Michigan are in foster care and in need of a home.

People thinking about adoption often don’t know where to even start. Adoption Day events, like the one held in Houghton, provides those people a place to come and learn about the process.

The event is held annually on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it’s no coincidence that it’s during the time we often think about the things we are grateful for having.

Houghton County Adoption Specialist Susan O’Connell said, “I feel that November, which is Adoption Month, has been specifically picked because November is a time of thanks, a time of thanks giving, and to give attention and focus on our children in foster care.”

Though cases differ, it may not take as long or cost as much to adopt a child from a foster home as many people think.
But questions like those only get answered when people take the first step and learn more.

That can be done by calling your courthouse, U.P. Kids or the Department of Human Services.

More information can also be found on the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange website.