MARQUETTE — Oh the weather outside is… well not quite as frightful as ski and snowboard enthusiasts may like. Fortunately their time to hit the hills is coming soon.

Marquette Mountain has been creating man–made snow for decades and they’re more than prepared to get people back on the slopes. The man–made snow serves as a base and acts like a glacier so when the natural snow starts falling it mixes in really well.

“We do this every year,” said Marquette Mountain Outside Hill Manager Chris Zorza, “there’s been times where the hills have been open at Christmas time and it’s been green out. This year the temperatures aren’t quite working as well as they should. We usually try to start making snow right around the first of November. This year we just started last Friday. The temperatures are in the mid–range so we’ve got some piles up on the hill. We’ve got plenty of snow.”

Since the man–made snow is packed harder and allowing for faster speeds, it tends to be a racer’s delight. Amateur riders typically prefer conditions once natural snow comes in.

Zorza added that while there are no guarantees, he is confident they will be open the weekend after Thanksgiving.