ISHPEMING — As you may have heard over the weekend, a local football team is heading to the Motor City to play in the Division 7 Championship, and just like any other trip, traveling expenses are accruing. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac has more on how you can support the team.

The Ishpeming Hematites are preparing to head down state to Detroit to face off against Pewamo–Westphalia for a state title.

Athletic Director Terry Roberts says the team is pumped.

Athletic Director Terry Roberts says, “There’s a lot of work involved in planning and getting the trip going, and although we’ve been doing it five or six years, there’s still a lot of work, but the game – once you get down on the field and actually get going, that first kick off, that’s when t’ going to get exciting. It’s a tough opponent again this year for the state finals, as it should be, but I know our team is excited about being down there. They’re just ready to play, and they’re excited about getting down there.”

They leave Friday with the Hematite Band and even some fans. There will be five buses total. One for the team, one for the band and fan overflow, one overnight bus for adults, and two fan buses that will make a day trip.

Interim Superintendent and Business Manager Anthony Bertucci says, “So both the overnight and the there–and–back bus, the fans pay $80, and that does include a ticket to the game, but they are responsible for their room if they choose to take the over night bus.”

The school will pay for the team and the band, a bill that could easily reach the thousands. They are reaching out to the public for assistance.

Principal Vicki Lempinen says, “We are really excited because we are going to take our band and, of course, our team, and we would love to have community support helping our endeavor.”

If you would like to donate towards their trip, just stop by the Superintendents office at the high school.