Willapalooza event to help young boy

NEGAUNEE — Community members are coming together to throw a fundraiser for a young boy and his family, in hopes of assisting them in treating his rare conditions.

Janice Chittle is a working mom who has a lot on her plate. Since her six–year–old son Will was four years old, he has battled several ailments to his young body.

Janice says, “So he has three conditions that are unrelated, so why he has them all we’re not sure. So everyone of them is pretty rare. He has eosinophilic esophagitis, that is an auto–immune disease. He also has autonomic dysfunction.”

If that weren’t enough, he has another condition that they are not sure yet how to treat.

“The what we are working on now is he has a peripheral neuropathy. We don’t’ know what causes it which is why we are trying to get to the Mayo Clinic,” Janice added, “so it’s kind of the big thing now. That means – neuropathy just means nerve damaged, peripheral just means anything coming out of the spinal chord where your central nervous system is.”

Unfortunately, Mayo Clinic does not accept their insurance which is making this journey both emotionally and financially challenging. So the community has come together to host a carnival fundraiser is this Sunday from noon to four at Lakeview Elementary in Negaunee. Will was not available to speak with ABC 10 today, because he wasn’t feeling well.

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