Tips for winter weather driving

NEGAUNEE — With cold and snowy weather making it’s way back to the UP, dozens of traffic crashes occurred yesterday.

According to the Michigan State Police – Negaunee Post, police officers were dispatched to at least 24 traffic related incidents in just over two hours Thursday night.

“Any road that you travel on can be slippery,” said Michigan State Police – Negaunee Post Community Service Trooper Stacey Rasanen, “so you need to make sure that you use common sense, slow down, and watch for others around you, leave extra time and extra space because just having a car–length is not enough.”

“We get comfortable and complacent with summer driving,” said Marquette County Sheriff’s Department Captain David Lemire, “but again we all know that this is coming and this is usually how it comes with wet icy roads. People just need to know to slow down. These weather conditions aren’t new to this area. Black ice isn’t new to this area. You just have to drive with caution.”

As always, it is critical to wear your safety belt, and eliminate driving distractions.

“This is not a time to be talking on your cell–phone even if you’re giving them updated road conditions of where you’re at,” continued Rasanen, “you need to pull over if you’re going to use your cell phone whether you’re talking or texting.”
Law enforcement officials strongly advise to avoid using cruise–control during winter driving.

“If you’re climbing an incline on a road what’s going to happen is your vehicle is going to attempt to accelerate to maintain that speed,” added Lemire, “and if the road conditions even if it’s wet road conditions that could be a bad mixture and another crash obviously could happen.”

Members of the police encourage citizens to abstain from calling central dispatch for road conditions. However there are numbers to call to see what the state of the roads are like for your area.