MARQUETTE — A group met outside of the Marquette office of Governor Snyder to protest the treatment and care of Reverend Edward Pinkney.

Organizer for the ‘Free Reverend Edward Pinkey campaign,’ David Sole reached out to ABC 10. He said that Pinkney is serving a two and a half to ten year sentence for altering 5 dates on a recall petition against the former mayor of Benton Harbor.

“They had no proof and they told the jury you do not need evidence to convict reverend Pinkney,” said Organizer and Coordinator for the campaign David Sole, “all you have to know is that he chaired the meetings and spoke at the press conferences. Recently in early October he was shipped to Marquette from someplace downstate closer to his home where he was getting regular visits. Three weeks ago his phone privileges were revoked. He has sent letters out saying he is in fear for his life.”

ABC Ten was able to speak to the Michigan Department of Corrections for their response to the allegations.

“The protestors are well within their rights to demonstrate,” said Michigan Department of Corrections Communications Representative Holly Kramer, “he has logged no complaints with the MDOC regarding his treatment, and the allegations he has made to his supporters have been investigated and found to be without merit. We have policies in place that govern the treatment of prisoners and the way we address their needs and we strictly adhere to them to maintain a safe, secure and stable environment within our facilities. The same rules and regulations apply to him, as to all other prisoners, and we expect those rules to be followed.”

A total of four people attended the protest. The event lasted around ten minutes.