Changes coming to Michigan concealed pistol licenses

LANSING — In just a couple of weeks, changes that standardize how a concealed pistol license is issued or renewed will take place throughout the state.

A state law effective on December 1st will eliminate county gun boards in the state of Michigan. While Michigan State Police has always been a part of the gun board in every county, the process will now go in its entirety to a new unit of 13 people in Lansing. Applicants should expect very few changes. The goal and intention is to provide consistency state–wide.

“The process for the applicant will still begin with picking up an application or renewal application at the county clerk’s office. The bill really just dissolves the county gun boards and transfers the background duties to the Michigan State Police and some of the other duties to the county clerk. So really the only thing the applicant should experience is a more stream–lined uniformed system.”

“The process they’re going to see is more of a stream–lined process,” said Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma, “the time frame is going to be less so they’re looking at more along the lines of a two week turnaround versus a six week turnaround.”

Currently there are over 4,000 citizens in Michigan that have a concealed pistol license. Over 100,000 applications and renewal applications are processed every year.

“The benefit and the goal here was to protect citizens 2nd amendment rights and make sure that they had a stream–lined and efficient system for them to obtain these licenses. I think that’s really where the benefit was here.”

By the last day in November all of the county gun boards will have to turn all of their pending applications over to the county clerk . The state police will then continue with the applications without any time interruption.