MARQUETTE — When in doubt, pizza makes a great meal, and two student organizations made sure everyone had something to eat at a low, low price.

Today was the 4th annual Hometown Taste Off at Northern Michigan University’s Jacobetti Complex. The event is hosted by the Public Relations Student Society of America and Northern’s Culinary Students. Restaurants from all over Marquette donate pizzas and hungry visitors vote on who has the best recipe. Everyone gets a huge plate of pizza for only five dollars and students get a great opportunity to test their skills.

“Organizing an event like this helps you work with large amounts of people and it helps you work with your team. Also, reaching out to vendors, writing up public service announcements and writing up letters that ask these companies for free donations to support a student organization,” said Alexandria Watson, the Campaign Chair for this years Taste Off, “The funds are actually going 50/50 to the Culinary Students at NMU and for PRSSA at NMU and that will help us go to conference next year, or if we want to do fun activities, or host another one of these events, it does take some money on the front side.”

At the end of the night, Jet’s took home top honors with the Dry Dock coming in second.