IRON RIVER — Volunteer services at a local hospital held a fundraiser earlier today where people could buy stocking stuffers and support the hospital at the same time.

Aspirus Iron River Volunteer Services held the fundraiser with “Jewelry is Fun” in the front lobby on Tuesday and Wednesday for the community. Community members could come to hospital, right in the front lobby and purchase jewelry and other gift items – like ties, bears and other accessories.

Community Relations and Marketing Manager for Aspirus Iron River Hospital and Clinics Abby Miller says, “This fundraiser is actually the first on of it’s kind that we’ve done here. Volunteer Services usually does a book fair around the Christmas season, because it gives a good chance for the community to come out and shop, as well as our employees, too. So basically it’s just another fundraising opportunity for our Volunteer Services.”

Employees and community members could buy any of the items for their holiday stocking stuffers for five ninety nine. Once the fundraiser is complete, Volunteer Services will vote to decide what the funds will go towards. The funds normally cover the cost of several different items the hospital needs.

“What the Volunteer Services does with those funds is give back to the hospital through patient experience items,” Miller added, “such as, you know, clothing for people who come into the ER, if they need extra clothing. We also have done equipment, mammography equipment, blood pressure machines, things that the clinics and hospitals need.”

For more information on volunteering at Aspirus Iron River Hospital and Clinics click here.