MARQUETTE — The Forest Roberts Theatre group is ready to go into the woods.

In a play that brings a multitude of fairytale characters together, the audience is sure to be captivated from start to the curtain call. In this production of Into The Woods there will be no shortage of showcasing the extremely profound singing and acting talents of the cast.

The play is being presented at the Black Box Theatre, which helps accent those abilities.

“It’s a very bare set,” said Janae Peterson who is playing the role of Little Red Riding Hood, “so there’s not fake trees or fake flowers or anything it’s just wood and that’s it. So I think that brings a lot more focus on music and acting.”

“I think that the great thing about this set is it’s a very intimate experience for the audience,” said Ethan Bott who is playing the role of Cinderella’s Prince, “you’re right up in it so you’re seeing all of the emotion, all of the energy is right in the audience’s face. I think that’s going to be a real treat for people.”

If you’d like to get tickets, you better act fast. The first two weeks have already sold out.
Fortunately they’ve added dates from December 2nd through the 5th.

To get your ticket to the show call (906)227-2082 or click here.