Maroons prepare to take down familiar foe

MENOMINEE — Everyone has their kryptonite or something that’s tough for them to overcome. For the Menominee football team, it’s Grand Rapids West Catholic. The Falcons have knocked off the Maroons in the playoffs for the last five years. But this year, Menominee is ready to overcome their proverbial kryptonite.

Three of those loses came in the regional semi–finals and in 2013, the two teams met in the state championship as well. Maroons coach Joe Noha says he has a lot of respect for their program.

“The teams that we’ve had and we’ve lost to them, we’ve always played the best we can play. One…they’ve got good players. They’re very well coached. And in high school, it usually comes down to who’s got some kids that can do some things really well and they’ve had them and we’ve had some really good players here as well,” Noha said.

This year, one of those players is UPSSA Offensive Player of the Year Nathan Nowack and behind his play, Menominee has been nothing short dominant. And the game plan for this weekend is simple.

“We have to create some turnovers, finish in the redzone and try to keep the ball away from their offense. And our offense has to be a part of our defense as well. And just stay healthy. Staying healthy has got to be a critical phase and then staying hungry as well. To get after it in practice and do the little things well,” said Noha.

The game is scheduled to take place in Menominee on Saturday with kickoff scheduled for noon central time.