MARQUETTE — Community members around Martin Lake aren’t pleased with how the Marquette County Board of Commissioners meeting went Tuesday night.

One of the big issues on today’s agenda was what to do about Sawyer’s wells, which are located in Martin Lake. The Commission voted to continue pumping water from the wells, but residents feel the pumping has led to the extremely low water levels on the lake.

“The lake is in sorry shape right now and I would propose that at least for five years the wells be shut down and I would be my wisdom teeth, which I still have, that the water’s going to be coming back,” said Karl Malashanko, a resident of Martin Lake

“I think that we’re fine with idling them and using them very little and maybe Martin Lake will start to recover and maybe that would be something that plays out. I think it will be a bigger problem if we do end up with a bunch of economic development and need to use the wells. Now we’re going to be faced with something,” added Bill Nordeen, commissioner of the fifth district.

According to the DEQ, it’s not an option to shut down the wells, as there needs to be at least two sources of clean water for the area. In addition, the wells couldn’t be put back online quickly enough to respond in an emergency situation, such as a fire.

The commission agreed to discuss the issue further though an ad hoc committee.