ONTONAGON — The wheels are turning for the sustainable small harbor management strategy project in Ontonagon.

The group of meetings held over last weekend drew in over one hundred participants from the public. This helps the village form a consensus of what they want for their future.

“The access was the big thing,” said Ontonagon Village Manager Joe Erickson, “to make our village accessible to all sorts of recreation whether it’s canoes and kayaks on the river and along the lakeshore or snowmobiles and ORV’s and tourists in general. We have a lot to offer to all of those types of recreation.”

For a village that’s endured so much economic hardship over past two decades, things are starting to look up. The case study to help improve Ontonagon is nearly complete.

“Probably sometime after the first of the year they’ll come out with their final report and with the final recommendation and some strategies that the village can implement to make some of these activities take place and hopefully follow through on these plans and make some reality out of it.”

For more background on the project click here.

We’ll continue to provide updates on the village as things move along.