In time for the holiday season, a new business opens downtown

HOUGHTON — There’s a new face in downtown Houghton.

In an era when many businesses are moving out of downtown, Houghton is welcoming another new store.

Urban Rustics recently opened the doors to their new digs on Sheldon Avenue after moving from their old location on Ridge Road.
Described as similar to a mall, this is not your average variety store.

More than 30 local vendors each have their own space to offer their unique items.

Store owner Grace Backman said, “Everyone in here has their own talent, and that’s what’s just cool to see. Every spot, every booth—their personality comes out in it. Some people, they only use chalk paint, or they’ll only use a certain brand, but they all have their own special way of painting, repurposing. That’s what makes this store unique, is there is so many ideas that all come together.”

The downtown location used to be home to a fast food restaurant, but the menu looks quite different now.

Backman said, “There’s repurpose, vintage, old, new, gifts of every shape and size for old people to teenagers. Just a little bit of everything.”

And open just in time for the holiday shopping season.