MARQUETTE — It’s all about water at the City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center. With a focus on water, comes beautiful artwork featuring our beloved Lake Superior.

Located in the lower level of the Peter White Library, the exhibit for Photographer Paul Nelson has over 30 different pictures of the lake for display and on sale. Even if it means going along the shoreline in the middle of the night, Nelson will do whatever it takes to get the best shot.

“A lot of people tend to put their camera up on the tripod and try to figure what they want to take a picture of,” said Photographer Paul Nelson, “I figure out what I want a picture of and try and match it. Often a lower angle, trying to get things up close to show more depth in the picture, trying to show something you wouldn’t see just standing there, a little different perspective.”

Just across the hallway is the talented work of JoAnn Shelby. Her section displays the seasonal changes whiled focusing on the flow of water.

Both her artwork and Nelson’s will be on display and for sale through November 18th.