Performance pays tribute to the Edmund Fitzgerald

MARQUETTE — Tuesday marks the forty year anniversary of the loss of one of the Great Lakes’ favorite freighters.

On November 10th, 1975, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank just outside of Whitefish Bay. The Big Fitz regularly brought in record-breaking loads and was well loved by everyone who lived in the Great Lakes Region. Northern Michigan is putting on a one-night only play to commemorate the loss of the ship.
The title, Holdin’ Our Own, is a reference to the last contact the world had with Edmund Fitzgerald.

“Captain Cooper, off the Anderson relayed that, his last contact, which happened, like, 10 minutes before the Fitzgerald went off radar, and that line has haunted mariners and historians for the last 40 years,” said Director Shelley Russell.

“It’s very challenging but it’s also rewarding for the fact of trying to get yourself in the mind of what was probably going through the minds of the men aboard this ship when it was in it’s last hours,” added Michael Musolf, who is acting in the play.

The play is done in a Concert reading style. Holdin’ Our Own opens tomorrow at seven-thirty in Jamrich Hall.