New exam process for construction trades adds flexibility and speed

MARQUETTE — Those looking to get licensed for construction trades will soon have an easier time according to State officials.

The State of Michigan’s Bureau of Construction Codes has partnered with PSI Services, LLC, for administration of construction trade licensing exams. Thanks to the partnership, candidates will now be able to schedule those exams six days a week all year long at five locations across the state, including one in Marquette.

“This will make it faster for them to get licensed,” said Irvin Poke, Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes. “In the past we only held tests quarterly, and for those in the U.P., there was only one test per year that was held in Escanaba, so they either had to travel to Lansing or wait for that one test that year.”

Test-taking will also be administered electronically, allowing for a few advantages over previous pen and paper exams.

“Now, with them being computerized, they know as soon as they finish what their results were, and if they fail, they’ll get a report that tells them which areas they were weak in,” said Poke. “That’s a huge win for the test candidates, because they know coming out whether they passed or not, and they can get their license a lot quicker.”

Officials assure that the costs for exam applicants will not change. Electrical license exams are the first being handled under the new partnership, with a handful of applicants already utilizing the new testing location in Marquette.

Exams in the remaining fields are expected to be implemented by mid-2016.