ISHPEMING — You will never have to ask ‘where’s the baby?’ when you wear the baby.

That may be a silly joke, but according to baby wearing enthusiast Kira Preneta, baby wearing has some serious benefits.

Preneta says, “As Yoopers we’re on the go a lot, and some of the places we want to go strollers aren’t really practical. If you want to hike up Hogsback, or go down by the lake, you can just have a baby carrier with you, and strap the baby on your body, and go and see adventure.”

Preneta wanted to start a Baby Wearing Group at the Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library to build community and to teach others what she has learned.

Preneta says, “My inspiration for forming the baby wearing group at the local library was from all of the groups that are online. There’s a lot of virtual baby wearing groups where you can get a lot of great information, so, for me, having something in the flesh just made sense.”

If you are interested, the next Baby Wearing Group session is scheduled for the Friday, December 4th at the library.