Professionals and school recruiters meet local students

L’ANSE — Students in L’Anse are job searching without even leaving school.

Over 100 companies participated in the annual career fair at L’Anse high school. The fair is a great way for students to get a head start on job hunting and make professional connections along the way.

The event was started 5 years ago with about 30 different tables set up. Since then, the career fair has grown tremendously.

L’Anse High School teacher Frank Taddeucci said, “This year we decided to open it up to all the schools in the Copper Country. We had about 500 students here this year and 103 different careers. Plus all of the U.P. colleges were here and most of the armed forces. So, it’s grown quite a bit since five years.”

Students had the opportunity to talk to a wide variety of local professionals and school recruiters.

It’s especially important for the high school Juniors attending that might not know what field they want as a career.

Taddeucci said, “Basically we tried to get at least one of every possible career that we could think of and still fit in the gym. I think this year, by far, we’ve had many more careers represented than ever before.”