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Alger County

County-wide: Superior Central School District Bond Proposal
YES 334 NO 136

Chippewa County

Bay Mills Township, Chippewa Township, Dafter Township, Superior Township
Brimley Area Schools Operating Millage Renewal
YES 231 NO 92

Hubert Township
Tahquamenon Area Schools Bonding Proposal I

Tahquamenon Area Schools Bonding Proposal II

Raber Township
Fire Protection Millage Renewal
YES 112 NO 21

Rudyard Township
Road Black-Topping Millage Request Renewal
YES 99 NO 34

Road Improvement Millage Request Renewal
YES 95 NO 37

Sault Ste. Marie
Anthony G. Bosbous 839

City Commissioner
Jay Gage 642
Don Gerrie 713
Brent J. Oserhout 663
John Sawruk 388

Sugar Island Township
Fire Department Operations Millage Request Renewal
YES 107 NO 24

Delta County

DATA Millage Request (City of Escanaba and City of Gladstone Ballots)
YES 620 NO 323

City of Escanaba
City Council Member
Ronald J. Beauchamp 924
Michael R. Sattem 897

City Council Member (Partial Term ending 11/13/2017)
Ralph B. Blaiser 1006

City of Gladstone
City Commissioner
Matthew Gay 316
Ken LaVigne 280
Duane Nelson 164
Mike O’Connor 462
David A. Phalen 403

Mayor Advisory
Jay Bostwick 552
Matthew Gay 272

Building and Equipment Bond Proposal
YES 277 NO 655

Nahma Township
Township Millage Renewal Proposal
YES 59 NO 1

Dickinson County

City of Iron Mountain
Council Member at Large
Kyle Blomquist 100
Brad Coe 90
Pamela Maule 101
David N. Stohl 97

City of Kingsford
Council Member at Large
Cynthia Ann Dixon-Miller 338
Anthony Erickson 383
Michael A. Flaminio 320
Brian K. Smeester 196

City of Norway
Council Member at Large
Candy Brew 254
Mark Bubloni 229
Nancy LaFreniere 206
Lee R. Meneghini 314
Jeremy Oja 226

Gogebic County

City of Bessemer
City Council Member
John J. Frello 379
Al Gaiss 247
Bill McDonald 144
Linda Nelson 338
Douglas E. Olsen 185
August Semmerling 155
Kathy Whitburn 397
Marlene A. Zaleski 129

City of Bessemer, Bessemer Township
Bessemer Area Schools Bonding Proposal
YES 324 NO 385

City of Ironwood
City Commissioner
Annete Burchell 466
Joseph J. Cayer 318
Kim S. Corcoran 449
Steve Frank 207
Paul Grbavcich 252
David Kinnunen 91
Bill Martell 140
Jim Mildren 432
Phillip H. Rynders 68
Rick Semo 420
Brandon Tauer 405

Charter Amendment Proposal #1
Repeal of residency requirements for administrative officers, city employees, and city manager
YES 395 NO 328

Charter Amendment Proposal #2
Provide that a vacancy is only created when an elected official fails to maintain city residency
YES 545 NO 182

Charter Amendmet Proposal #3
Delete requirement to have post-election organizational meeting at a specific time
YES 468 NO 252

Charter Amendment Proposal #4
Public records of the city shall be made available in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act
YES 605 NO 126

Charter Amendment Proposal #5
Remove prohibition of city commission from establishing standing committees
YES 393 NO 285

Charter Amendment Proposal #6
Amend section of charter to provide that three votes are required to adopt ordinances (to be consistent with another section)
YES 477 NO 211

Charter Amendment Proposal #7
Nominating petitions shall be processed according to State law
YES 561 NO 120

Charter Amendment Proposal #8
Require city elections on first Tuesday after first Monday in November, consistent with State law
YES 571 NO 123

Charter Amendment Proposal #9
Notices regarding property assessments shall be given as required by State law
YES 527 NO 152

Charter Amendment Proposal #10
Require service of process on Mayor, City Clerk, or City Attorney, consistent with State law
YES 561 NO 124

City of Wakefield
City Council Member
Robert J. Blaskowski 360
Richard W. Bolen 301
Joe DelFavero 402
Ted Finco 236
John C. Garanato 381
Leslie G. Schneck 261
Amy Tarro 340
Kay A. Wiita 314

Houghton County

Duncan Township
Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School District Bonding Proposal
YES 348  NO 333

Elm River Township
Elm River Township Schools Operating Millage Proposal
YES 39 NO 7

Stanton Township
Stanton Township Public Schools Bonding Proposal
YES 239 NO 189

Iron County

City of Caspian
City Commission
Armand Buszko 42
Gary Sabol 51
Mark Stauber 75
Randy Thunander 65

City of Crystal Falls, Crystal Falls Township, Hematite Township, Mansfield Township, Mastodon Township
Forest Park School District Operating Millage Renewal Proposal
YES 489 NO 187

Forest Park School District Additional Operating Millage
YES 397 NO 280

City of Iron River
Terry Tarsi 136
Roger Zanon 127

Rick Commenator 30
Jere Fritsche 51
Patricia Mercier 44

Luce County

Columbus Township, Lakefield Township, McMillan Township, Pentland Township
Tahquamenon Area Schools Bonding Proposal I
YES 297 NO 1,245

Tahquamenon Area Schools Bonding Proposal II
YES 307 NO 1,235

Mackinac County

Garfield Township
New Ambulance Proposal
YES 214 NO 133

Hudson Township
Road Improvement Millage – Renewal Proposition
YES 25 NO 5

City of St. Ignace
William LaLonde 271
Connie Litzner 355*

City Council
Joseph A. Durm 198
Paul Fullerton 383*
Luke Paquin 336*
Kenneth Perala 142
Robert St. Louis 325*
Mervin D. Wyse 290

Marquette County

City of Negaunee
Dawn M. Schuhknecht 204

City Council
Martin R. Saari 203
Jason Wallner 186

Board of Review (3 Year Term)
David C. Oglesby 215

Board of Review (Parrtial Term Ending 11/30/2017)

City of Marquette
City Commission
Sara Cambensy 1,077*
Meredith Lyons 368
Mike Plourde 731*
Jason Zdunek 597

Board of Light and Power
John Braamse 476
Jerry Irby 777
David A. Puskala 710
Kenneth C. Wanberg 705

Menominee County

Holmes Township
Holmes Township Fire Protection Services Millage
YES 30 NO 16

Holmes Township General Operating Millage
YES 26 NO 20

City of Menominee
Nancy Douglas 640
Jean Stegeman 886

Ward 1 Council Member
Nick Malone 188

Ward 1 Council Member (Partial Term Ending 12/31/2017)
No candidates on ballot

Ward 2 Council Member
Mark Erickson 199
Steve Fifarek 209

Ward 3 Council Member
Leon Felch 82
Dennis Klitzke 390

Ward 4 Council Member
Frank Pohlmann 314

Ward 4 Council Member (Partial Term Ending 12/31/2017)
Doug Robinson 220
Jim Weiland 129

Meyer Township
Meyer Township Millage
YES 43 NO 16

City of Stephenson
Lowell Bengry 51

City Council Member
Amy Larson 45
Paul E. Parmentier 50
Dale M. Parrett 51

Ontonagon County

County-wide: Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School District Bonding Proposal
YES 348 NO 333

Schoolcraft County

City of Manistique
Council Member
Paul W. Furman 80
Paul Walker 96

Seney Township
Tahquamenon Area Schools Bonding Proposal I

Tahquamenon Area Schools Bonding Proposal II

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