New local energy company celebrates ribbon cutting

HOUGHTON — A new business is opening its doors in Houghton. ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance was at the ribbon cutting.

This local energy company is growing and wants Houghton and Michigan Tech to be a part of it. Systems Control is headquartered in Ironwood under Northern Star Industries. Owner and CEO David Brule says opening a Houghton office was the natural next step.

Brule said, “Systems Control’s primary customer are electric utilities. We manufacture control systems that help get the power, as an example, from wind farms to the consumer. Both my mother and my father were born and raised in the Houghton-Hancock area and so, it’s a little bit like coming home for me. So I have an affection for the area and we love being a part of this part of the U.P. and we hope obviously to grow here. ”

The company already has 49 Michigan Tech Alumni and 9 Husky students working or interning in their other locations. With a close proximity to Tech’s campus, this new office means new opportunities for Michigan Tech Students.

Blule said, “We will be doing engineering for our product as well as for our customers. So we’ll actually be doing design services for major utilities in the country. So the students that are here and the other employees will be doing engineering for hire.”

The Systems Control Houghton office is located in the Michigan Tech Lakeshore Center, Smart Zone building.