Meth suspect headed to prison

MARQUETTE — A Marquette man was given prison time Friday morning in Marquette County Circuit Court for his part in a meth case involving a firearm.

Thirty-eight-year old Jason Dyer was sentenced to a minimum of six years and nine months to a maximum of 25 years in prison on the charge of possession of laboratory materials with the intent to manufacture meth in the presence of a firearm.

As a result of Dyer’s plea agreement, prosecution agreed to a sentence at the lower end of the advisory sentencing guideline range. Despite this, Defense Attorney Karl Numinen argued for an even lower sentence.

“My client ends up with almost three times the potential sentence — almost three times the amount of time — as any other person in this case, and that just seems lopsided,” said Numinen, “and I think it’s in part because he was the last person to the table — I’m the second lawyer on this case — and in part because of his prior record, which is different than others.”

“He says that Mr. Dyer was the last person to the table. He was never at the table. We knew from the beginning on this case that Mr. Dyer was the key driving force behind these four individuals wanting to make methamphetamine,” said Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wiese. “His history is just replete with offense after offense after offense, and the reason he’s before this court with this type of a guideline range is because of his prior record.”

Ultimately, the court sentenced in accord with the agreement.

Dyer was arrested in April along with three others in Marquette Township. Police discovered meth-making components and a firearm in the vehicle the suspects occupied, and a search warrant turned up more components in Ishpeming.