MARQUETTE — The annual U.P. Talent Summit was held earlier today at Northern Michigan University.

The event connects educators with economic development professionals, workforce development and private sectors as well. The wide–variety of professionals attending the event add to it’s success.

“I think it’s a unique event across the state,” said Upward Talent Council Regional Director Jeff Hagan, “you don’t find too many similar to it where you bring in this cross–section of stakeholders and educators together to talk about whether it’s career tech ed or workforce development specifically for the Upper Peninsula.”

Each year approaches many similar topics, but also brings in some new focuses as well.

“This year the big take away is CT Marketing, so career technical education. It’s something that we’re working on across the U.P. on a number of different levels. It seems to be a big focus of the governor too, so we’re trying to figure that one out.”

Attendees had opportunities like networking, asking questions, and finding out new strategies for success. Time for a more personal learning experience was available during breakout sessions in the afternoon.