MARQUETTE — It’s election season once again, and while there aren’t Presidential candidates on the ballot this time around, some important decisions will be made on the local and county levels.

In Marquette County, two cities are holding general elections. Marquette residents will be voting on City Commissioners and Board of Light and Power candidates, while Negaunee residents will be choosing a Mayor, City Council members, and members of the Board of Review.

Those getting ready to head to the polls on Tuesday have a number of ways to find more information.

“If any of the voters are wondering if they are actual registered voters, they can always call my office and we can tell them that and where they should go and vote,” said Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma. “We are open at 6:30 on election day, and we’re here until probably ten or eleven at night. My door is open and my phone is on. If you have a computer at home and you have the access to the Secretary of State website, you can preview the ballot before you actually go to the polls, and that’s always nice — to know what you’re going to be voting for before you get there.”

Marquette is one of thirteen U.P. counties with proposals and elected positions up for a vote on Tuesday’s ballot.

Click here to look up your precinct’s sample ballots on the Michigan Secretary of State website. We will have all of the latest election information here as Election Day approaches.