Mayor to retire after 30 plus years of service

MARQUETTE — After 30 plus years of public service, a prominent figure in the Marquette community is retiring next month.

Marquette Mayor Mike Coyne decided that it’s time to retire and focus his attention on other things. Coyne told ABC 10 that he plans on spending more time with his family, hunting, golfing, and traveling.

Coyne said that he’s thoroughly enjoyed his time working as a public figure in various capacities. He says he’s always enjoyed hearing from his constituents.

“Every phone call or every personal contact I get is from a person who really has a question, a concern, or is really frustrated and wants somebody to listen. That has not been a problem for me,” said Coyne. “It’s public service and you’re representing them. I think the things that I’ll miss are the commissioners. I’ve served with almost exactly 100 commissioners.”

Coyne’s last day as Mayor will be Nov. 9.  We will have much more on our conversation with the outgoing mayor of Marquette on the next edition of In Focus, this Sunday at 12 p.m. ET, right here on ABC 10.