MARQUETTE — You may not be looking forward to S–N–O–W already, but preparations for winter weather are already taking place… including the winter parking ban.

The Marquette City Police want to pass along a reminder that the winter parking ban goes into effect this Sunday, November 1st. The ordinance states that, as of Sunday, Marquette residents are not allowed to park on the street in the mornings between 1:00 and 6:00.

Marquette City Police Patrol Captain Blake Rieboldt says, “What we encourage people to do is seek out alternative parking areas – and that can either be through private land owners, or through neighbors. There are certain situations where front yard parking and right–away parking is allowed, but that’s though a permit process only.”

You can file for the right–away parking permit at the Marquette City Police, and the front yard parking permit with the Community Development Office at Marquette City Hall.

The goal is to make it easier for public works to clear the road for morning commuters.

The parking ban will end on April 1st.