Superintendent moves school districts

L’ANSE — The Ishpeming Public Schools announced last week that they have found their new School Superintendent. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen met with her to talk about what motivated her to take the job.

One Upper Peninsula school district has found the leader they were looking for…another school district will be just starting to.

Current Superintendent of L’Anse Area Schools Carrie Meyer has been offered the same position in the Ishpeming Public Schools District.

Meyer said she became interested in the job when it was posted earlier this year.

L’Anse Area Schools Superintendent Carrie Meyer said, “I am from the Ishpeming area, originally. I graduated in that area, from Westwood. My husband currently owns a business in the Ishpeming area and we live in Michigamme, in between. So, we currently travel in different directions and with four children and activities and me being part of a school community, it gets very difficult and the logistics of travel become very difficult.”

Meyer is in her third year in her current position and she attributes her success to those she has worked with.

Meyer said, “I think I have grown so much as an administrator and I do owe it for the support that the community and the parents, and the Board of Education has given me. The staff was second to none. They’re fantastic and they really work together as a team for the vision of the district.”

But she is also looking forward to what she can accomplish in Ishpeming.

Meyer said, “They recently started a broadcasting class that’s doing amazing things and I have a passion for technology and so if you take my vision along with what they’re doing already, I think we can do wonderful things for the educational process in creating a blended learning environment.”

Meyer said she will meet with the Ishpeming Public School Board to discuss her contract after she meets with board from L’Anse Area Schools.

She will then put in a two–week notice after her contract is signed and expects to be in her new position later next month.