Most popular Halloween costumes

ISHPEMING — According to Google the top 10 searched Halloween costumes are…

Coming in at number one is, Harley Quinn; the Joker’s sidekick. Then you have Star Wars, Superhero, Pirate and Batman. Number six is the ever popular and Disney favorite, Minnie Mouse. Finishing up the top 10 are Witch, Minions, The Joker and Wonder Woman.

Popular in stores are ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Pizza’. Compare Michigan and Wisconsin and according to; for Michigan, Renaissance Fair style costumes are the most popular. In Wisconsin, they seem to like Guardians of the Galaxy’s ‘Groot’.

Now, you still have time to decide on a costume, but as sizes of costumes get limited, the sooner you make a decision, the better off you will be. But if you do wait too late, you can always be creative and make your own costume.