NAHMA — We’re getting closer to Halloween and that means local paranormal investigating teams are in the middle of their busy season. ABC–Ten’s Sarah Mac has more in this week’s UP Haunted Hot Spots about what the team does outside of their investigations.

The Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society – or U.P.P.R.S. – not only investigate around the U.P., but also teach others how to do it at events like this one.

U.P.P.R.S. Co–founders Brad Blair and Tim Ellis also host Creaking Door Paranormal Radio. Along with others from the team and friends from the radio show they hold different events and workshops, like this one out in Nahma.

Blair says, “We’ve done different events throughout the U.P., throughout Michigan really. This weekend is a little bit different because this weekend we’re here at the Nahma Inn for the first time, for the entire weekend. Tonight’s a little more entertainment, laid back, get to know people, tomorrow will be presentations throughout the day, and then tomorrow night will be kind of the grand finale, the ghost hunt.”

Blair hosted the event with Tracy Warning who says she’s an EVP medium.

“What an EVP Medium is,” Warning says, “is that when I record, I get spirit in my recording. I can either use my phone video, I can use the digital recorder, or I can use the tape recorder, and when I ask questions the spirit will come through and will answer and will respond in a voice.”

The Nahma Inn may seem quaint and quiet, but stay at your own risk.

This event may have been Blair’s first time investigating at the Nahma Inn, however Warning has been here several times before and has gathered her own data.

Blair schedules events all year round, but says that if anyone wants their event in October to call and schedule as early as possible.

Next week the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society is hosting a ghost hunt of the historic Soo Theater on Friday, October 30th. Admission is just $25 with all proceeds benefiting the Soo Theatre Project. Call (906) 632-1930. Tickets are limited.

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