NEGAUNEE — Rocky Horror Show is a cult classic, and a community favorite.

The Historic Vista Theater in Negaunee has had a long run of this humorous musical, but their sweet sixteenth production is the end of the line. But it takes a lot to transform an actor into a star.

After all the lines are memorized, and the show has been rehearsed, actors need one more thing before show time: wardrobe and makeup.

“There’s a lot of lights on stage that are coming from all different angles and it can really wash you out. I tell them, too, ‘I know sometimes you look in the mirror and you feel like you have way too much makeup on but if you don’t have enough makeup on, on stage you look really pale, really washed out, you know, sick compared to everyone else sometimes,'” said Emmye Wiig, who’s in charge of hair, makeup and wardrobe for this year’s production.

Sometimes it takes me up to 20 minutes to get my makeup on for the news everyday, but if you’re in Rocky Horror Show, it could take even longer!

“It’s actually really hard for somebody who is new to community theater to come in and put makeup on. They put it on and I say, ‘nope, put on a little more, put on a little bit more,’ and it’s a little bit scary for them at first!” added Wiig, “This is definitely a makeup–heavy show compared to other ones that we do. Usually you don’t put that much makeup on the guys and for this one they have the full face and for the ones that aren’t used to that, that’s also kind of exciting to do, to do something different, that’s not the normal for them”

There are nearly a dozen cast members and multiple people helping Wiig get everyone looking perfect for the show. Actors arrive to get prepared two and a half hours before the show, and even then it’s a mad dash to opening curtain.

But, with all the stress aside, makeup and wardrobe has a transformative effect on the actors.

“There’s a lot of people that don’t get into their character until they look like their character. That’s also a transformation that’s really great to see and fun to do. It’s fun to watch somebody in rehearsal, you know they’re good and then they have the whole look put together and they blow you away,”
The Historic Vista Theater’s last run of Rocky Horror Show opened this week.

You can find show times and dates by following this link.