Police Chief wraps up assault investigation

HANCOCK — The investigation into an alleged assault at a home in Hancock is over.

The nearly two week investigation into reports of an assault in Hancock is finished. Hancock Police Chief Wayne Butler says the information has been turned over to the county prosecutor.

In Butler’s report he indicates that on the night of October 8th there was a gathering of people at a house on Ryan Street. A female at the house reportedly saw property she believed to have been stolen from her boyfriend and called him. A group of four to five people, including the boyfriend, reportedly headed to the house to recover the property.

Butler said these individuals were either on or part of Finlandia University’s inaugural football team. En route, they were joined by a second group of individuals some of whom later said they thought they were going to a party. The girlfriend at the house let the first group in where, according to police, a tussle ensued.

Butler says some of the people at the house were assaulted but because the alleged assailants were let in, there was no indication of a home invasion. The suspects were reportedly at the house between four and eight minutes. The police were not called until one hour after they had left.

When police arrived they saw no evidence of alcohol or drug use at the house. The alleged victims reportedly did not initially want to make a statement or press charges. Police interviewed several people and learned some of those accused have since left the area. Butler says other individuals were also named who were not enrolled in Finlandia or living in the area at the time of the incident.

Houghton County Prosecutor Michael Makinen’s office is expected to look over the case and decide if any warrants for arrest are to be issued.

No arrests have been made at this time.