MARQUETTE — It can be pretty stressful at times for those who work at a medical center, public health department or a hospital, but that doesn’t stop local nurses from helping the community.

Local nurse Briana Paris says that emotionally the job can make her feel really high or really low depending on the day. She says that she sticks with it because she cares about people and the community.

“It’s not something that you just go into. Nursing chooses you, you don’t choose nursing,” Paris adds, “and it’s a calling it’s something that’s like ingrained in you.”

Nurses across the country have had the opportunity to share more about their job using the hash tag “Nurses Unite.” This started after two of the hosts on The View teased one of their own, Miss Colorado, for her nurse monologue during the Miss America Pageant.

Paris says, “The whole ‘nurses unite’ thing, it wasn’t just about nurses. It’s about lad assistants, it’s about respiratory therapists, it’s CT techs, it’s x–ray techs, it’s medical assistants, it’s nurses aids, it’s everybody in the medical profession. This is not a costume. Nursing is a skill, and it’s ‘the finest of skills,’ is what Florence Nightingale said.”

Paris agrees that sometimes the job can be thankless, but says it’s mostly rewarding. Outside of work she finds solace in yoga, hiking and enjoying the outdoors with her husband and dogs.

She says that it’s important for nurses to find a hobby to help feel better on the tough days.