#SharingSafety – join the conversation

Ishpeming — The number one killer of teens in America is car accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2013, 3,000 teens died in a car crash.

“National Teen Driver Safety Week” is from October 18 – 24. More than two million accidents every year are due to inexperienced drivers. These accidents are the number one cause of teen deaths. The good news is that most of these deaths are preventable. To help cut down these tragic crashes, Michelin Tires has launched “Beyond the Driving Test Campaign. A recent study by Michelin found significant gaps in teen road readiness, including tire–related safety knowledge and skills.

Believe it or not, teens trust the driving advice of their parents over licensed driving instructors.

Michelin has also created a viral campaign – #SharingSafety. They have an online video with tips and they ask you to share your safe driving stories and best safe driving advice.

Three out of four drivers have personally witnessed an accident or have been in a close call themselves. The current goal of “Beyond the Driving Test Campaign” is to have all 50 states include some form of tire safety information in their driver’s education curricula by 2020.