MARQUETTE — The Room At The Inn Warming Center is looking for donations to help them keep up with the services that they provide.

The Warming Center, located on Washington Street in Marquette serves breakfasts and lunch every day. With an average of 40-50 people per meal, and roughly 1,500 meals per month there are many ongoing needs.

“We need eggs always, coffee, butter, any snack items are always appreciated, meat,” said Room At The Inn Guest Advocate Kim Frost, “and then also things like razors, toilet paper, kleenex, any paper products like napkins, plates, all that kind of stuff.”

All donations are welcomed. Room At The Inn has been operating since two thousand seven, and in that time they’ve seen the homeless population grow. The need for assistance is still there, along with the opportunity to help.

“We’re happy to be able to provide the shelter each evening, and the warming center each morning,” said Executive Director Doug Russell, MA, GPC, “to give them a chance to meet with different agencies that might help them with a health care issue, a housing issue, maybe employment, or a document chase with the government, whatever it might be that we can provide those services to help them get back to independence.”

Those who are interested in volunteering at the Warming Center can stop in and leave their contact information.