MARQUETTE — Could you imagine going home with your co–worker? For two local police officers they have to go home with their respective partners every night.

Officer Todd Collins and Sergeant Marty Munger of Marquette City Police ride along with their canine partners during the day and take them home at night.

D./Capt. Michael Kohler says having Scud, Frodo and Nitro around adds camaraderie to the team.

“It took a while even for me to get used to having a dog run behind your desk or in and out of the offices. They’re just like another officer, you know, they are,” Kohler added, “and so they’ll run around, and the way the officers interact with the canines – and it’s a different look than what we would have seen at the Marquette Police Department, say, 15 years ago.”

The police department is holding a fundraiser for the three canines to help with living costs and buying food. To help support the K–9 unit the public can buy a coupon booklet that is good for Younkers Community Days.

You can pick up your coupon book at the Marquette City Police Department for $5 cash.

The coupons are good at Younkers from November eleventh to the fourteenth.