MARQUETTE — Henry Ford has a deep rooted history in the U.P.

“Henry Ford in the U.P., ” is a rare collection of historic artifacts pulled together from private collectors, museums and institutions, now on display at the Marquette Regional History Center.

“I didn’t know he had something to do with making gliders in World War II and I wasn’t aware of the factory in Kingsford, although I should have,” said Shirley Fitzpatrick, Negaunee Resident.

“Primarily he was logging, he actually had logging camps. He also had a lot of saw mills in the U.P.  They were also assembling cars in the U.P. as well as mining. It was about owning the resources” says Museum Curator, Jo Wittler.

From Big Bay to Kingsford, Henry Ford was the largest employer and landowner in the U.P. The Ford Motor Company is known around the world but this exhibit, “Henry Ford in the U.P.”  will give you so much more about who he was.

Ford also had a fondness for music and brought music and dance to kids in the classrooms.

“There are some wonderful collections from ships, there are employee badges which are quite rare from the plants in the U.P. Some really great pictures of him camping, he would go camping with Thomas Edison,” continued Wittler.

The “Henry Ford in the U.P.” exhibit runs until January 2.

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