MARQUETTE — Play season is in full swing at Northern Michigan University, and another first class production opens Friday.

A Gaggle of Saints follows John and Sue as they head into the city for a formal party thrown by their church. But, as the night unfolds, they learn a lot about themselves as people…not all of it pretty. Director Shane O’Connor says there’s a lot to be learned from this play.

“We’re all humans, and we’re all on this earth together. It’s important to remember that we all fight a battle and you don’t know what somebody else’s battle is, so don’t assume the worst,” said O’Connor.

This play a little different from other plays you might have seen. It only has one act, and only two actors.

“Being a short play, it really allows you to dive in head first and get all the small details. The cast had it memorized early, so it allowed us to really play, and really explore each tiny moment as we went,” O’Connor added.

You can catch A Gaggle of Saints Friday night at the Ore Dock Brewery at 5:00 P.M. Tickets are free!

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